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Last May, without any offical accouncement, Collins made a number of updates to their Bird Guide. At the time we ran a special offer on the revised edition but we are delighted to say that for those of you who didn't pick one up, or prefer your books with a hard covers we WildSounds & Books have another, limited special offer, for you.

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This special offer only runs until the 31st May. For a full list of the updates see the list below,

Have you got Moltoni's in your Collins Bird Guide?


Updates in 2015

The full list of changes as given by HarperCollins (28-May-2015).

  • 007, line 9: 713 species - 720 species
  • 081 new illustration: Bittern
  • 090 new illustration + caption: Rüppell’s vulture, additional caption. Map of Lappet-faced vulture deleted. New text, Lappet-faced vulture: ”Very rare resident in Arabia, and might still be found in S Jordania (only odd birds remain and are seen irregularly within covered range). Breeds in …”
  • 098 new illustration: Tawny Eagle
  • 101 new illustration, new position of caption: Booted Eagle, Bonelli’s Eagle
  • 114 amended caption: Dark Chanting Goshawk
  • 123 new illustration: Lanner Falcon, feldeggii
  • 170 amended text: Slender billed Curlew record status should be: —
  • 223 amended plate, amended captions: Eagle Owls and Fish Owl
  • 237 new illustration: White-rumped Swift
  • 254 amended text: Alauda leucoptera
  • 275 amended plate: Siberian Accentor, Black-throated Accentor
  • 275 amended caption: Black-throated Accentor
  • 276 new intro text: Nightingales, Redstarts, Wheatears,
  • 276–293: amended running title (Nightingales, Redstarts, Wheatears).
  • 278 amended text: Luscinia calliope
  • 281 new illustration, amended caption: Black Redstart, southeastern subspecies
  • 286 Under Mourning Wheatear, change under ‘Variation’ to: ‘In S Syria/N Jordan a rare black form occurs, ‘BASALT WHEATEAR’, ssp. warriae, with all-black body...’.
  • 287 amended text, caption: mourning weathear: warriae, this very local race
  • 288 amended text: Oenanthe melanura
  • 292 amended text: Stonechat and Eastern Stonechat
  • 293 amended caption and text: Eastern Stonechat, hemprichii
  • 294 amended text: intro Thrushes, running title/intro Thrushes, omitt running title, Song Thrush and Redwing texts shortened.
  • 296: amended text: Blue Rock Thrush (the first six lines)
  • 300 amended text: Zoothera aurea
  • Red-throated Thrush: ‘Song very similar to Black-throated Thrush, well-spaced simple fluty phrases but mainly long series of variably chattering notes.’
  • 302–303 new arrangement, amended illustrations, captions and text: Introduction, Barred, Garden, Blackcap and plumage variation (Yellow-browed W.)
  • 303 Change the header for the upper section on the page to PLUMAGE VARIATION IN WARBLERS
  • 306 The scientific name of Rüppell’s Warbler now shall be spelt ‘ruppeli’. Thus without the ‘e’ and with only one ‘l’. Also in index.
  • 307 new plate: Sardinian, Ménétries, Cyprus, Rüppell’s W.
  • 308–309 new plate, captions, text and maps: Whitethroat, Spectacled, E and W Subalpine, Moltoni W (new species)
  • 310–311 amended text, map text and captions: Balearic W (also check Marmora’s)
  • 311 new plate: Dartford, Marmora’s, Balearic, Tristram’s
  • 312–313 new plate, amended text, map text and captions: Desert Warblers Graceful Prinia, Levant Scrub Warbler, Saharan Scrub Warbler (new species)
  • 321 amended caption: E Reed Warbler: scirpaceaus: N and S Europe
  • 332–333 amended text: Two-barred Greenish Warbler: omitt trochiloides, eastern relative to
  • 333 amended caption, pointers on plate
  • 335 new illustration, amended caption: Dusky Warbler
  • 336–337 amended text: Wren: omitt zetlandicus
  • 358 new scientific name: Nile Valley Sunbird
  • 361 new illustration: irakskriktrast
  • 378 amended text: Linnet (shortened) and Twite (new Variation text)
  • 379 new plate: Linnet, Twite, Redpoll, Arctic Redpoll
  • 379 amended captions: Linnet, Twite
  • 390 new species text: Asian Crimson-winged Finch and African Crimson-winged Finch (new species)
  • 404 new species text: Setophaga americana, Setophaga coronata, Setophaga striata, Setophaga petechia, Parkesia noveboracensis
  • 414 new species text: African Collared Dove: omitt risoria
  • 416 new species name: Lavivora cyane
  • 417 new species name: Oreothlypis peregrina
  • 441, column 1: Scotocerca inquieta 303 è 312
  • 441, column 1: add Setophaga petechia
  • 442, column 2, Stonechat: amend ’Eastern’ Saxicola maurus et al. è Eastern Saxicola maurus
  • 442, column 3: Delete Sylvia sardo balearica 312

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