Even though the last twelve months have proved to be a little bit less exciting than the extraordinary year that was 2013, in 2014 some top-drawer rarities were found, twitched, seen and dipped.

As is traditional when the year draws to a close, reviews of the year start popping up all over the place. However we have decided to go a slightly different way and so over the 12 days of Christmas (proper 12 days that is, starting Dec 25th) we will be taking a look back at [some of] the year's ‘best’ birds.

Featuring a bird a day, our '12 [ish] Birds of Christmas', will hopefully bring back happy memories for some, no doubt some painful ones for others but hopefully for everyone an appreciation of how lucky we are to have such great birds turning up in Britain each year.

They will include contributions from the finders, some of the best photos of the year, the odd birding celebrity popping up for a trip down memory lane and even the odd scoop or two!

No doubt everyone will have their own twelve birds of 2014 but we are sure you will agree with many if not most of our selection and hopefully you will tell us what you think.

So each day a new bird will appear on the RBA website. Each piece is free for anyone to view but you must be registered. We will also post a link on our Twitter and Facebook pages so you can discuss the choices.

And to make sure you have your say at the end of the 12 days we will be holding a poll so you can vote and tell us what you think were the best birds of 2014.

So make sure you login to the RBA website daily from Christmas day so see what birds made the list!


The RBA Team
21 December 2014


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