North Atlantic Seabirds: Storm-petrels & Bulwer’s Petrel
Multimedia Identification Guides to Seabirds
By Bob Flood & Ashley Fisher
Illustrations by Ian Lewington



The aim of this guide is to get you to correctly identify the storm-petrels and Bulwer’s Petrel of the North Atlantic and comprises:.

  • Over 200 pages of detailed and original text
  • Over 130 colour photographs – majority previously unpublished
  • Over 40 stunning illustrations by Ian Lewington
  • Large format colour range maps based on latest research
  • Two DVDs with over 120 minutes of highly informative footage

White-faced Storm Petrel (© Mike Danzenbaker)


The Guide has many highlights including:

  • A fresh approach to storm-petrel identification, relevant to storm-petrels across the world, based on years of at sea study.
  • Application of the approach to identification of North Atlantic storm-petrels and Bulwer’s Petrel.
  • Covers all species on the Western Palearctic list and several key confusion pairs seen in the Indian and Pacific Oceans (e.g. Swinhoe’s & Matsudaira’s).
  • Illustrates the approach to identification through extensive footage in two highly instructive DVDs.
  • Gives an ‘identification challenge’ on the DVDs that allows you to try out what you have learnt from the Guide before going headland watching, or on that long planned pelagic.
  • An ‘ID jogger’ that summarises in bullet points all the key points about how to identify each species, which can be photocopied and taken with you when seabirding.
  • Video footage that illustrates all the flight modes of each species, at range and close up – some close up video is gripping!
  • Video footage of several species in the hand, including White-faced Storm-petrel and Swinhoe’s Storm-petrel!
  • Video footage of breeding sites of the species from the North and South Atlantic, helping you to experience the remote places that these birds depend upon.
  • Use of Ian Lewington’s superb illustrations, on facing page spreads, to highlight our points about how to separate the confusion pairs (Wilson’s & European, Black-bellied & ‘White-bellieds’, Band-rumped & Leach’s, Leach’s & Swinhoe’s, Swinhoe’s & Matsudaira’s, Bulwer’s & the all-dark storm-petrels).
  • Gives a very detailed introduction to storm-petrels and Bulwer’s Petrel.
  • These book and DVDs are not separate parts, but are integrated into a whole learning experience with a strong training element..

Bob Flood filming at sea


The book does its best to introduce and describe the species covered using words and still images, but nothing can replace the DVDs for ‘real-life’ encounters with our petrels. The DVDs take you that one big step closer to the birds – to experience them as you will encounter them at sea.
Is this a modern day revolution in seabird identification guides? We think so, but ultimately you will be the judge.


Bulwers Petrel (© Mike Danzenbaker)


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Bob Flood and Ashley Fisher
Aug 2011