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Thursday 14th December 2017  
  Today's headline rarities comprised Stilt Sandpiper in Dorset, Pied Wheatear in Co Cork, two Long-billed Dowitchers in Kent and Coues's Arctic Redpoll in Suffolk.

The best of the rest included Barred Warbler (Hampshire), Cattle Egret (Herefordshire) and Ring-necked Duck (Carmarthenshire).
Stuart Piner, RBA
Wednesday 13th December 2017  
  Lingering rarities confirmed as still present today were the Pied Wheatear in County Cork, Pied-billed Grebe on the Shetland Isles and the Stilt Sandpiper in Dorset.

Scarcities included Barred Warbler and Ring-billed Gull (both Hampshire), Temminck's Stint (West Sussex), Surf Scoter (2) and Glossy Ibis (both Cornwall), Ring-necked Duck (Carmarthenshire and Essex), four Cattle Egrets (together Devon), six Parrot Crossbills in England (together in Suffolk).
Chris Batty, RBA
Tuesday 12th December 2017  
  The highlight of the day was a Snowy Owl in Cornwall at Chapel Carn Brea late afternoon. The only other rarity today was the continuing Pied Wheatear in County Cork.

Scarcities included Barred Warbler (Hampshire), Richard's Pipit (East Yorkshire), Temminck's Stint (West Sussex), Glossy Ibis (Isle of Wight), American Golden Plover and Ring-billed Gull (together in Cornwall), two Ring-necked Ducks and three each of both Surf Scoter and American Wigeon.
Chris Batty, RBA
Monday 11th December 2017  
  New rarities discovered today were a Pied Wheatear in County Cork at Ballymacoda and a Two-barred Crossbill in County Durham at Hamsterley Forest.

Lingering rarities comprised the Lesser Scaup still in Cornwall, a White-billed Diver on the Orkney Isles and the Mandt's Black Guillemot reported again briefly in Lincolnshire at Cut End.

Scarcities included Barred Warbler (Hampshire), American Golden Plover (Cornwall), Glossy Ibis (County Waterford), two each of both American Wigeon and Ring-necked Duck, four Surf Scoters and a total of 53 Waxwings.
Chris Batty, RBA
Sunday 10th December 2017  
  A Black Guillemot which has spent the last four days at Cut End, Lincolnshire was confirmed as being of the form mandtii today, the first record of this Arctic subspecies for Britain.

New discoveries today included a Bonaparte's Gull at Dargan Bay, County Antrim and single White-billed Divers at Peterhead, Aberdeenshire and St Margaret's Hope, Orkney. Lingerers included just the Lesser Scaup in Cornwall and King Eider in Shetland.

Scarcity highlights included a Barred Warbler, a Lapland Bunting, two Waxwings, nine Shorelarks, a Temminck's Stint, a Grey Phalarope, a Surf Scoter, two American Wigeon, three Ring-necked Ducks, four Green-winged Teals, a Tundra Bean Goose, three Pomarine Skuas, 29 Little Auks, a Ring-billed Gull, six Glaucous Gulls and ten Iceland Gulls.
Will Soar, RBA
Saturday 9th December 2017  
  Lingering rarities still present today included the Stilt Sandpiper on Brownsea Island and Lesser Yellowlegs at Lodmoor, both Dorset, Coues's Arctic Redpoll at Hazlewood Common, Suffolk and Lesser Scaup at Dozmary Pool, Cornwall.

Scarcity highlights included a Barred Warbler, a Waxwing, a Shorelark, two Richard's Pipits, six Lapland Buntings, 49 Parrot Crossbills, two Ring-necked Ducks, two Green-winged Teals, three American Wigeon, a Temminck's Stint, an American Golden Plover, a Grey Phalarope, two Glossy Ibises, seven Little Auks, a Ring-billed Gull, 11 Iceland Gulls and 21 Glaucous Gulls.
Will Soar, RBA
Friday 8th December 2017  
  Lingering rarities still present today included the Stilt Sandpiper on Brownsea Island, Dorset, Coues's Arctic Redpoll at Hazlewood Common, Suffolk and Ferruginous Duck at Eyebrook, Leicestershire.

Scarcity highlights included a Barred Warbler, a Richard's Pipit, a Waxwing, two Shorelarks, 29 Parrot Crossbills, a Green-winged Teal, two American Wigeon, a Black Brant, two Rough-legged Buzzards, three Glossy Ibises, a Grey Phalarope, two Little Auks, a Pomarine Skua, a Ring-billed Gull, nine Iceland Gulls and 23 Glaucous Gulls.
Will Soar, RBA
Thursday 7th December 2017  
  Rarity highlights included a Semipalmated Sandpiper in Co Cork and Stilt Sandpiper in Dorset, whilst late news from yesterday concerned a report of an American Robin in Dublin and the long-staying Pied-billed Grebe in Argyll.

The best of the rest included Richard's Pipit (Suffolk), American Wigeons (Co Down and Worcestershire), Ring-necked Duck (Somerset), Glossy Ibis (Co Waterford), Barred Warbler (Hampshire), two Waxwings (Highland), American Golden Plover (Cornwall), Tundra Bean Goose (Lancashire), Green-winged Teal (Lancashire) and Parrot Crossbill flocks in Norfolk (42) and Derbyshire (2), whilst a two flew over Brandon (Suffolk).
Stuart Piner, RBA
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