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Saturday 22nd October 2016  
  Today's new Siberian Accentors were both in Shetland, with one on Unst at Lund and another on Fair Isle. The fourth Isabelline Wheatear for Norfolk was found at Burnham Overy Dunes, and proved to be the first twitchable record for the county.

Other new discoveries included another Pine Bunting on Fair Isle, Shetland, a Hume's Yellow-browed Warbler and a Dusky Warbler at Flamborough, East Yorkshire, single Red-flanked Bluetails at Lissagriffin, County Cork and Chapel Six Marshes, Lincolnshire, a Rustic Bunting at Peninnis, Isles of Scilly, other Dusky Warblers on North Ronaldsay, Orkney, on Holy Island, Northumberland and at Cley, Holme and Sea Palling, all Norfolk, a Blyth's Reed Warbler on Tiree, Argyll and single Siberian Stonechats at Spurn, East Yorkshire and Maypole, Isles of Scilly.
Will Soar, RBA
Friday 21st October 2016  
  A dead Pale-legged or Sakhalin Leaf Warbler was found in the lighthouse garden on St Agnes, Isles of Scilly. DNA analysis should confirm which species it actually is, and it should therefore be a first for Britain. A male Pine Bunting was also found at Brake, Shetland today.

Other new discoveries today included three Red-flanked Bluetails (two in the Isles of Scilly and one in Norfolk), two Arctic Redpolls in Shetland (one confirmed as an exilipes), single Siberian Stonechats in East Yorkshire, Norfolk and Cornwall, an Olive-backed Pipit in East Yorkshire and a Long-billed Dowitcher in County Wexford.

Lingering rarities included the Western Orphean Warbler in Orkney, Isabelline Wheatear, Pied Wheatear and Desert Wheatear in Shetland, Isabelline Wheatear in Yorkshire, Western Bonelli's Warbler in County Galway, single Dusky Warblers in Cleveland and Lothian, Hudsonian Whimbrel and Dalmatian Pelican in Cornwall, Western Purple Swamphen in Lincolnshire, Lesser Yellowlegs in Dorset, Baird's Sandpiper in Northumberland, single Long-billed Dowitchers in Lincolnshire and Kent and Black-bellied Dipper in Suffolk.
Will Soar, RBA
Thursday 20th October 2016  
  It's almost a daily occurrence now, as Britain's sixth Siberian Accentor was found on Fair Isle, Shetland mid morning. Another Isabelline Wheatear was also discovered today, this time at Godrevy Point, Cornwall, making this a record year for the species in Britain. A White-throated Sparrow was in a Lochmaddy garden in the Western Isles, which has been present there since 1st October.

Other new discoveries today included a Red-flanked Bluetail at Geosetter and a Dusky Warbler on Fair Isle, both Shetland, a Paddyfield Warbler at Nanjizal, Cornwall, a Western Bonelli's Warbler at Inishmore, County Galway, a Greenish Warbler at Knockadoon, County Cork, a Siberian Stonechat on Inner Farne, Northumberland, a Rustic Bunting at South Gare, Cleveland, a Lesser Yellowlegs at Meare Heath, Somerset and a Long-billed Dowitcher at Dundalk, County Louth.

Lingering rarity highlights included the Western Orphean Warbler in Orkney, Isabelline Wheatear, Pied Wheatear, Desert Wheatear, probable Stejneger's Stonechat and Olive-backed Pipit all in Shetland, other Isabelline Wheatears in Northumberland in East Yorkshire, Isabelline Shrike in Aberdeenshire, Radde's Warbler in County Cork, Dusky Warbler and Baird's Sandpiper in Northumberland, Hudsonian Whimbrel, Dusky Warbler and Dalmatian Pelican in Cornwall, Western Purple Swamphen in Lincolnshire, single Long-billed Dowitchers in Kent and Lincolnshire, Lesser Yellowlegs in Dorset and seven Richardson's Cackling Geese in Argyll.
Will Soar, RBA
Wednesday 19th October 2016  
  Eastern birds once again stole the show today, with the Siberian Accentor still in East Yorkshire at Easington, with both Isabelline Wheatear and two Dusky Warblers remaining nearby, Isabelline Wheatear and Isabelline Shrike together in Northumberland, Isabelline Wheatear, Pine Bunting, Pied Wheatear, Desert Wheatear, Siberian Stonechat, Olive-backed Pipit and Dusky Warbler all on the Shetland Isles, Isabelline Shrike in Aberdeenshire, Radde's Warbler and Olive-backed Pipit in County Cork, and further Dusky Warblers in Cornwall, Lothian and Northumberland.

Other rarities comprised the Western Orphean Warbler still on the Orkney Isles, the Dalmatian Pelican still in Cornwall, Long-billed Dowitcher in Kent, Lesser Yellowlegs in Dorset, and a total of six Richardson's Cackling Geese on Islay, Argyll.

On the Isles of Scilly Short-toed Lark, Serin, Wryneck, Lapland Bunting and three Little Buntings were all logged.
Chris Batty, RBA
Tuesday 18th October 2016  
  A Western Orphean Warbler was trapped and ringed at Finstown, Orkney mid morning, where it remained throughout the day. Britain's fifth Siberian Accentor was discovered on Holy Island, Northumberland, with an Isabelline Wheatear also present there, and the immature Black-browed Albatross was seen flying south off Cape Cornwall, Cornwall early morning. Late news from yesterday also concerned the Black-browed Albatross, which was seen off the Landing Bay on Lundy in Devon.

Single Isabelline Shrikes were found at Girdle Ness, Aberdeenshire and on Holy Island, Northumberland, a Desert Wheatear was at Spiggie, Shetland, a Western Bonelli's Warbler was at Firkeel, County Cork and a Richardson's Cackling Goose was on Islay, Argyll.

In Shetland the Black-faced Bunting remained, as did the two Pine Buntings, Isabelline Wheatear, two probable Stejneger's Stonechats, Red-flanked Bluetail, two Olive-backed Pipits and the Dusky Warbler.

Other lingering rarities included the Siberian Accentors in Yorkshire and County Durham, Isabelline Wheatear and Dusky Warbler in Yorkshire (with others of the latter in Cornwall, Northumberland and Lothian), two Radde's Warblers and another Western Bonelli's Warbler in County Cork, three Northern Long-tailed Tits in Aberdeenshire, Dalmatian Pelican in Cornwall, Lesser Yellowlegs in Dorset, Long-billed Dowitcher in Kent and Pallid Harrier and Ferruginous Duck in Somerset.
Will Soar, RBA
Monday 17th October 2016  
  Three Siberian Accentors lingered today (in Cleveland, Co Durham and East Yorkshire). In Easington (East Yorkshire) an Isabelline Wheatear was present throughout the day.

On the Shetland Isles a White's Thrush, three Pine Buntings, two Siberian Stonechats, Pied Wheatear, Isabelline Wheatear, Dusky Warbler and three Olive-backed Pipits were logged. On Isles of Scilly a Black-browed Albatross was reported flying past St Mary's and the probable Eastern Yellow Wagtail lingered, whilst another was in Norfolk.

Elsewhere new discoveries included Franklin's Gull (Kent), Alpine Swift (Devon), Dusky Warbler (Co Durham), Lesser Yellowlegs (Co Offaly), Desert Wheatear (East Yorkshire), Northern Long-tailed Tits (Orkney [4]) and Ferruginous Duck (Somerset). A Pallid Harrier (Somerset), Olive-backed Pipits (Norfolk [2] and East Yorkshire), Dusky Warblers (East Yorkshire [2], Norfolk and Northumberland), Baird's Sandpiper (Northumberland), Western Purple Swamphen (Lincolnshire), Western Bonelli's Warbler (Co Cork), Long-billed Dowitcher (Lincolnshire), Siberian Stonechats (East Yorkshire and Co Durham), Lesser Yellowlegs (Dorset), Dalmatian Pelican (Cornwall), Radde's Warbler (Co Cork [2]) and Northern Long-tailed Tits (Aberdeenshire [3] all lingered.
Stuart Piner, RBA
Sunday 16th October 2016  
  The Siberian Accentor remained East Yorkshire at Easington, with yet another discovered, at Sunderland, County Durham  - the fourth ever in Britain, and the fourth this week!

Another arrival from the east was an Isabelline Wheatear present for a second day on the Shetland Isles at Loch of Spiggie, Mainland, with elsewhere around that archipelago, two Pine Buntings, Black-faced Bunting, Pied Wheatear and Blyth's Reed Warbler, and around the whole of the British Isles, day totals of three Red-flanked Bluetails, six Siberian Stonechats, seven Radde's Warblers, seven Olive-backed Pipits, and 14 Dusky Warblers. Three Northern Long-tailed Tits were new at Boddam, Aberdeenshire.

Otherwise, a Black-browed Albatross lingered in Gwynedd off Bardsey Island, a Caspian Tern flew past St Margaret's at Cliffe, Kent, a Red-eyed Vireo lingered in Cornwall, and the reported Eastern Bonelli's Warbler on Cape Clear, County Cork, was reidentified as a Western Bonelli's Warbler. Lingering rarities confirmed as still present included the Western Purple Swamphen in Lincolnshire, Dalmatian Pelican in Cornwall, Black Duck in Highland, Bonaparte's Gull in County Clare, Baird's Sandpiper in Northumberland, Long-billed Dowitcher in Kent, and Lesser Yellowlegs in Dorset.
Chris Batty, RBA
Saturday 15th October 2016  
  Britain's third Siberian Accentor was discovered this morning at Saltburn-by-the-Sea in Cleveland. It remained extremely elusive throughout the rest of the day, much more so than the Yorkshire bird, which showed well all day at Easington. The first Eastern Bonelli's Warbler for Ireland was found on Cape Clear.

The headline news elsewhere was the large arrival of Dusky Warblers and Radde's Warblers along the east coast. Twelve Dusky Warblers were in Yorkshire, eight at Spurn and four in the Flamborough area, with three in Norfolk, three in Suffolk, two in Cleveland, and singles in Northumberland, Lincolnshire and Cornwall. Three Radde's Warblers were in County Cork, with four in Yorkshire, four in Norfolk, two in Cleveland and singles in County Waterford and Lincolnshire.

A Red-eyed Vireo was at Porthgwarra, Cornwall, with a new Red-throated Pipit also in the county, whilst other new discoveries included a Red-flanked Bluetail, a Siberian Stonechat and two Olive-backed Pipits in Shetland and a Blue-winged Teal in Lancashire.

Other lingering rarity highlights included the Black-faced Bunting, Pine Bunting, Pechora Pipit, Pied Wheatear and another Siberian Stonechat in Shetland (with others of the latter in Cleveland and County Cork), Western Purple Swamphen, Red-flanked Bluetail and Long-billed Dowitcher in Lincolnshire, Subalpine warbler species in the Isles of Scilly, Olive-backed Pipits in Fife and Norfolk, Long-billed Dowitcher in Kent, Lesser Yellowlegs in Dorset and Dalmatian Pelican in Cornwall.
Will Soar, RBA
Friday 14th October 2016  
  In East Yorkshire, the Siberian Accentor remained at Easington, with the Spurn recording area also hosting an Olive-backed Pipit, a Tawny Pipit, five Dusky Warblers, a Rose-coloured Starling, two Pallas's Warblers, two Little Buntings, two Richard's Pipits, a Great Grey Shrike and 18 Shorelarks, along with an excellent selection of other scarce migrants.

In Norfolk the Black-browed Albatross was reported again, off Cley, with new discoveries in the county including a Black-throated Thrush on Scolt Head Island, single Dusky Warblers at Brancaster, Wells and Stiffkey, a Radde's Warbler at Warham Greens and a second Olive-backed Pipit in Wells Woods.

New discoveries in Shetland included a Pied Wheatear and Olive-backed Pipit at Scatness (with another of the former at Flamborough, East Yorkshire briefly), Pechora Pipit on Foula, Siberian Stonechat on Fair Isle, an Arctic Warbler at Weisdale and two Northern Long-tailed Tits at Sumburgh.

A Red-eyed Vireo was trapped on Portland, Dorset, with other new discoveries today including an Iberian Chiffchaff at Sennen, Cornwall, a Desert Wheatear at Hartlepool, Cleveland, single Siberian Stonechats at Donna Nook, Lincolnshire and Dowlaw, Borders, Radde's Warbler at Scarborough, North Yorkshire, other Dusky Warblers at Corton, Suffolk, Hartlepool, Cleveland, Tynemouth, Northumberland and Isle of May, Fife, Greenish Warbler on Cape Clear, County Cork, Pallid Harrier at Potteric Carr, South Yorkshire, Semipalmated Sandpiper on Inch Island, County Donegal and a Baird's Sandpiper on Achill Island, County Mayo.

Other lingering rarities included the Black-faced Bunting, Pine Bunting and Pechora Pipit in Shetland, Semipalmated Plover in County Mayo, two Red-flanked Bluetails in Lincolnshire, Siberian Stonechat in Cleveland and Dalmatian Pelican in Cornwall.
Will Soar, RBA
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