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You can now receive the RBA birdnews direct to your Twitter feed. From breaking megas, the latest rarity and scarcity updates and all your local news, it’s all there. It works on any device on which you can view Twitter, including many devices for which there are no dedicated birdnews apps such as Windows and Blackberry.



The birdnews feeds

We have 11 different news feeds covering Britain and Ireland. Western Palearctic. Please don't submit follow requests for the feeds until you have emailed us (details below) and have had a reply.







Works on all phones


How much does it cost?

Usually £100 - June 2019 Offer JUST £69 for 1 year


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If you would like to consider subscribing please Email Us for full details. Once your subscription is in place you can cancel within 14 days - no questions asked - effectively a 14-day free trial!









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