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We have 11 different news feeds covering Britain and Ireland. Western Palearctic. Please don't submit follow requests for the feeds until you have emailed us (details below) and have had a reply.







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Weekly birding round-up: 23 - 29 June 2020

Jon Dunn rounds up this week's news from around Britain and the Western Palearctic with the first record of Short-tailed Shearwater and plenty more. More here >


Cowbirds change their eggs' sex ratio based on breeding time

Researchers report that Brown-headed Cowbirds show a bias in the sex ratio of their offspring depending on the time of the breeding season. More here >


Parasites influence appearance and evolution of Barn Swallows

Researchers think that local parasites are influencing why Barn Swallows in Europe, the Middle East and Colorado are choosing their mates differently. More here >